Audio Physic Avantera Plus
"It should be obvious that the Audio Physic Avanteras easily earn my highest recommendation for all three types of listeners—“absolute sound,” “fidelity to mastertapes,” and “as you like it.” Beautifully engineered, beautifully built, and beautiful to hear, they offer a startling amount of the transparency and lifelike realism of the very best dynamic speakers I’ve heard—and are arguably better blended than several of those paragons." Jonathan Valin-The Absolute Sound RETAIL: $23,000. Walnut DEMO $11,999
Audio Physic Avanti
The legendary name is back: Marking the 30th jubilee of Audio Physic, the new Avanti. This is not merely a relaunch of the classic model. The new Avanti is a newly developed loudspeaker through and through. The aim Audio Physic's development team was to produce a modern loudspeaker that is equally stunning in terms of looks, engineering and of course sound quality. Retail $8495 Piano Black Demo $5950
$5,950 FLOOR SAMPLE (in Piano Black)
Audio Physic Classic 12
Maturity is a particular type of strength - the CLASSIC 12 presents itself as a loudspeaker that excels in its class through technical innovations, intelligent detail solutions and elegant styling, while sonically achieving an impressive degree of maturity. The results you will find highly convincing.
Audio Physic Classic 20
Audio Physic make some of our very very favorite speakers, and they seem to have an almost universal respect and wide appeal which make them fan favorites the world wide! AP excel at getting the cabinet out of the equation, with staggering results to clarity and soundstaging. By designing cabinets to control for resonance and make the structure around the drivers effectively acoustically dead, AP speakers disappear into the room and paint a dense soundstage where instruments and vocalists emerge from a depth of space to present themselves almost three-dimensionally in your listening room! That's why they call it holographic imaging! RETAIL: $3,995*.
$3,199 FLOOR SAMPLE (Glass Black)
Audio Physic Codex
In the history of AUDIO PHYSIC, the AVANTI loudspeaker model is an internationally-renowned classic. And the latest relaunch has been able to thoroughly convince the discerning ears of audiophiles and reviewers. The CODEX goes a step further. Based on its larger volume and the consistently advanced AUDIO PHYSIC technologies in the chassis and crossover design, the CODEX draws on the company's full potential.Retail $14995. Rosewood High Gloss Demos $9995
Audio Physic Compact Classic
When it comes to its configuration, the CLASSIC Compact makes use of the high-performance drivers of the CLASSIC 20 model. RETAIL: $2,200.
$1,499 OPEN BOX (in Walnut)
Audio Physic Luna Subwoofer
A gorgeous subwoofer at a great reduction!
$2,499 FLOOR SAMPLE (Gloss Black)