Atohm GT1 SE
Brilliant BIG Sounding Bookshelf Speaker! Reg $4500 DEMO (white) $2999
$2999 Floor Sample
Coin Audio Mansion Compact (Walnut Finish)
Beautiful Modern Bookshelf Loudspeaker with Detailed Air Motion Tweeter! RETAIL $2999
$1799 USED
Isoclean 60A3 II
For the perfectionists, this unit fitted with the ultra low impedance Audio Grade dual 60 +60 AMP RF, noise filters to attenuate noises, RF associated with city mains. Retail $3100 Floor
$2649 Floor Sample
NAD M25 7-Channel Amplifier 7 x 160-watts
NEW $3000
NOLA Micro Grand Reference Gold with stands
The NOLA Micro Grand Reference Gold is a stand mounted loudspeaker that utilizes the same driver and crossover technology as other Reference Gold models such as the Baby Grand Reference Gold. Unlike most stand mounted speakers, the Micro Grand Reference Gold utilizes our 3½ way UnisonTM crossover, four driver technology -- basically a reduced size version of our statement floor standers. Retail $29,000
$15,000 PR (Piano Black) USED.
Shunyata Research Helix Speaker & Interconect Cables
see detailed description
Zesto Audio Andros PS1 tube phonostage
Brand New Andros PS1 for a Deal!! RETAIL $3900
$2900 USED (sealed box unit)