Abyss AB-1266 Phi TC Headphones
The newest generation of the queen of headphones! Paired with a worthy amplifier and DAC, you will hear such incredible detail in your music that you'll be able to hear phenomena that has passed previously unheard by even the artists and producers! Get as close as possible to your passion.
Abyss Diana Phi Headphones
Abyss have made a name by shocking the world with how intricately detailed and spacious their planar magnetic headphones are. Called the best in the world, they have unveiled things never before heard in music. Now with the new edition of their portable Diana headphone, you can enjoy unparalleled sound anywhere you wish to take it!
Abyss Diana V1 Headphones
The newest reference-level offerings from Abyss scale down their award-winning and supremely resolute planar magnetic design to pair of headphones that are as sleek and wearable as they are sonically impressive! Not as power-hungry as their bigger brothers, these cans get along well with a wide variety of amps, giving the listener more flexibility and headroom! Now, with our demo offering, it's impossible to get this good sound for less!!
$2,299 FLOOR SAMPLE (with upgraded earpads and minimal usage!)
Moon by Simaudio 330A Stereo Power Amplifier
Simaudio have solidified their position as masters of solid-state amplification by their commitment to build quality and performance. Each amp is hand made in Canada, and comes with a 10 year warranty. Perhaps even more important than their craftship though is their performance. Moon has a wonderfully open and three-dimensional sound, full of microdynamics and tactile detail. Own a piece of this legendary hifi company in the 330A power amplifier!