Octave HP 700 Tube Pre-Amplifier
HP700 - sophisticated valve technology combined with intelligent modularity make this pre-amp future-proof. A valve pre-amp boasting innovative precision technology and a modular concept that allows the listener the freedom to build a system to cater for individual music tastes. $1600 optional MM/MC phono option is among the best on-board phono sections in the world.
Octave Phono EQ.2
Brilliant Compact Phono Preamp with allot of flexibility for MC and MM cartridges.
Octave RE 290 Tube Power Amplifier
OCTAVE proudly presents the latest evolution of the successful and enduring RE 280 stereo amplifier. The company’s traditional stereo amplifier design has been produced since 1990, having been updated and improved continuously over the years. RETAIL: $10,000.
$7,999 FLOOR SAMPLE (black finish w/ KT150 tubes!!)
Octave V 110 SE Tube Integrated Amplifier
A pristine used piece at incredible savings! Has fairly new upgrade KT 150 tubes as well! RETAIL: $8,000.
$4,999 USED (in black finish with barely used KT 150 upgrade tubes!)
Octave V 110 SE Tube Integrated Amplifier
The all-new OCTAVE V110 SE sets new benchmarks for quality and performance in the product category of integrated amplifiers.
Octave V 40 SE Tube Integrated Amplifier
Entry level tube Integrated from Germany that is still built with the same level of quality as their Reference Amps!