Integra CDC-3.4 6 Disc CD Changer
For those who just want to put some music on without having to fiddle with play lists and computer interfaces. Holds 6 discs, has excellent sound, is easy to use and very affordable!
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Integra DRC-R1.1 - 11.2 Channel Atmos & DTS:X Network A/V Pre-Amp
From the Research Series comes the all-new flagship Integra audio-video receiver, unsurpassed in reference all-in-one home entertainment. Double-skinned and braced chassis provides rigidity for full-floating circuitry, custom shielded power supply, and shielded amplification, all of which harmonize to isolate signals from noise. The result is absolute sonic purity in the quietest passages all the way up to earth-shaking volume levels. Equipped with every convenience for whole-home audiophile sound, the DRX-R1.1 carries the Integra legacy into the future.
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Integra DRX-4.2 - 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver
Take the plunge into a head-to-toe immersive world like nothing you've seen, heard, or felt before. The DRX-4.2 boasts high-grade componentry, state-of-the-art connectivity, and the Integra stamp of quality. THX certification merely confirms the superb value being offered.
Integra DRX-5.2 - 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver
Rev your home entertainment into top gear with the Integra DRX-5.2. This powerhouse A/V receiver delivers enveloping object-based sound in your home theater and pristine whole-house audio at the touch of a button. If you're seeking the ultimate engine to drive your custom installation, look no further.
Integra DSX-3 - 5.1 Channel Slim Chassis Network A/V Receiver
Movie lovers that care about interior aesthetics can unlock the true sonic potential of 4K Ultra HD Entertainment with the slim and beautiful DSX-3, an integration-ready, cool running, and subtly unobtrusive component with the latest in music casting features and much more.
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Integra DTM-40.7 Stereo Network Receiver
The DTM–40.7's dynamic high current amplification fills your room with clear, energetic sound from any source. CALL FOR RETAIL PRICING.
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Integra DTR-40.5 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver
The THX®-certified DTR-40.5 represents a high watermark in home theater evolution, with full 4K compatibility, integrated wireless streaming, and the latest in audio/video processing. Call for retail pricing.
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