Audeze LCDi4 In-Ear Open-Backed Planar Magnetic Headphone
Our Reference in-ear headphones from Audeze utilize their award-winning LCD technology to create truly astounding sound quality and detail in a compact in-ear monitor design.
Audeze Headphone Flight Case
A waterproof and shockproof carrying case for your Audeze headphones!
Audeze iSINE10 In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone
The World's First In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones. Our floor samples have seen minimal usage (less than an hour cumulative), and have been very thoroughly cleaned!
$199 SALE!
Audeze iSINE20 In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphone
The World's First In-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones - with a step up in driver tech! Our floor samples have seen minimal usage (less than an hour cumulative), and have been very thoroughly cleaned! RETAIL: $600.
$299 FLOOR SAMPLE (very minimal usage)
Audeze LCD-1 Open-Backed Planar Magnetic Headphones
The LCD-1 has been meticulously engineered for comfort, convenience, and premium quality sound. Featuring some of Audeze’s most powerful planar magnetic technology in an open-back, foldable and light-weight design, the LCD-1 delivers masterfully tuned audio in a compact and travel-friendly package perfect for audiophile listening and mixing.
Audeze LCD-2 Closed-Back Headphone
Audeze makes some of the most high performing headphones in the world. This new model implements their award-winning planar magnetic design at a price point and comfort level that is sure to win hearts and ears the world over! RETAIL: $900.
Audeze LCD-2 Open-Backed
The beautifully handcrafted LCD-2, the planar magnetic headphone that put Audeze on the high-end map, delivers audiophile quality, low-distortion sound that articulates the power and nuance of your favorite music. The LCD-2 is the most forgiving of poor recordings in the LCD Collection with a beautiful, musically rich presentation that communicates the warmth, power and glory of music.
Audeze LCD-3 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphones
This is the Amazing LCD-3 Planar that we all know and love!
Audeze LCD-4 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphones
The LCD-4 is Audeze's new reference headphone featuring unique Double Fluxor magnet arrays for the most powerful magnetic flux density in existence.
Audeze LCD-MX4 Headphones
The new addition in the award-winning LCD line of Audeze headphones! This model pairs the stellar audio performance of their reference-quality offerings with unbelievable efficiency, allowing them to be used with a wide variety of amplifiers!
Audeze LCD-X Reference High Efficientcy Headphone
Just like the XC but open back..both XC and X can be used with most portables! These are a highly sensitive pair of cans, meaning they get along with just about any amp! Utilizing planar magnetic drivers, the LCD-X's have a staggering amount of detail and presence, and thus have been one of our go-to models in that price and performance range ever since we've brought them on!
Audeze LCD-XC Reference Closed Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones
These closed-back LCD-XC's from Audeze pack tons of performance into a well-priced package! Sensitive enough to be driven with just about any amp out there, or even a portable device, these planar magnetic headphones will be a sweeping upgrade for any enthusiast who like their headphones to be critical, neutral, and accurate to the original recording!
Audeze LCDi3 In-Ear Open-Backed Planar Magnetic Headphone with Bluetooth
The LCD-i3 introduces superior resolution and refined acoustical tuning to the award-winning iSINE design. Featuring the design of the LCD-i4 together with the low impedance of the iSINE series, the LCD-i3 can push up to 130dB with zero audible distortion for a true audiophile in-ear experience.
Audeze Sine DX On-Ear Open-Backed Headphone
The newest iteration of Audeze's wonderful Sine on-ear headphone, now with improved sonic properties and an open-backed design!
Audeze Suspension Headband
An upgrade headband from Audeze for their LCD line of headphones! Not only great for reducing the weight (the upgrade band weighs almost nothing, and far less than the stock one), but the suspension design and wider band width are a fantastic comfort improvement as well!