Antipodes Core
An incredible server/streamer at grand reduction! Comes with a brand new (unloaded) 2 TB SSD drive. Roon ready and able to stream all the modern services, this will sound heaps better than new similarly priced items!
$2,199* FLOOR SAMPLE (in black)
Antipodes CX Music Server
The new evolution of digital media from New Zealand's Antipodes Audio! Extremely well-engineered, the CX is essentially a purpose-built hi-fi computer, able to store and serve both hard disk and streaming media at a reference-quality level. With the CX, having all of your favorite music at the highest level of quality is only a click away.
Antipodes DX Gen. 3 Ripper and Music Server
The new flagship ripper/streamer from Antipodes! Master and command your digital files at reference quality!
Antipodes EX Music Server
With user-upgradable storage, having all of your digital music under one sleek and easy to use box has never been easier. Stream high resolution music natively from the EX, or serve straight from a hard drive.