Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System
Offering world class accurate sound, not only to audiophiles but to all fans of music! RETAIL: $1,000.
$849 FLOOR SAMPLE (in black)
Eclipse TD510zMK2 Loudspeakers
A pair of single-driver monitors from Japanese Eclipse! With one driver to produce the full frequency, these speakers sound like truly nothing else. Unparalleled transparency and presence, with a mid-band to drool for. They are unique, for certain, but the kind of uniqueness that get's into your skin and becomes impossible to forget! RETAIL: $5,990.
$3,999 FLOOR SAMPLE (in white, 7/10 condition, with stands!)
Eclipse TD712z Loudspeakers
These Eclipse single driver speakers are pure magic! They don't go super low, nor super high, but they certainly transport you to the music in an uncanny life-like way. Single driver speakers have unbelievable transparency and immediacy. Sort of all the fun of electrostats without the fuss! A true gem at this price! RETAIL: $7,000.
$2,999 USED (in silver, with stands!)