Klipsch HP-3 Open-Backed Headphones
These new cans from Klipsch are extremely well-built, comfortable, energy-efficient, and above all else lovely sounding! Sure to keep your head happy for years and years to come!
Klipsch RP-110WSW Wireless Subwoofer
There's no substitute for the excitement that room-shaking explosions and rumbling stampedes add to movie night. The R-110WSW provides the all-important low-frequency impact in your Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless speaker system. This subwoofer features 250 watts of built-in amplifier power plus sophisticated wireless technology for deep, dramatic bass and superb placement flexibility. RETAIL: $650.
$499 SALE! (1 left only!!)
Klipsch RP-HUB1 HD Center
The Klipsch HD Control Center creates its own dedicated network. Reference Premiere HD Wireless speakers are not dependent on your home WiFi to eliminate dropouts and interference caused by bandwidth constraints within your home.
$299 SALE! (limited stock only!!)