Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand
The Baby Grand is a three-way loudspeaker featuring a one-inch Scan Speak silk dome tweeter, a single six-inch X3P mid-range driver and dual six-inch Vienna Designed XPP Spider Cone bass drivers. You may ask yourself, what is an X3P driver or an XPP Spider Cone driver? Well the X3P is the evolution of Vienna Acoustics' own XPP driver material, which is a proprietary combination of thermoplastics and polypropylene based synthetics coming together to form a fairly lightweight but ridged driver. In a nutshell (not to take anything away from Vienna Acoustics or the Baby Grand) it has plastic drivers and its bass drivers, dubbed XPP Spider Cones, are also plastic though they feature ribbing that looks a lot like a spider web which helps with rigidity. This speaker is, given it's moderate footprint, enormously capable of distributing a massive sound-stage with deeper extension than almost any speaker of their class.
$1999 (USED)