Complete Entry-Level Switcher Package
We've learned a great deal in recent times about the importance of a properly managed Ethernet signal path. Not being designed for hifi audio, consumer-grade Ethernet switchers and cables are wrought with noise, taking away detail and liveliness in your digital music. This modest package will have profound improvement on both your streamer and server-based music. It includes an Ethernet switcher from TP-Link, an upgraded power supply for it from iFi, and a high end Ethernet cable from Wireworld! Much like power management, a small expense in your Ethernet path can go a long long way!
DreamVision Dreamy Geek II
The Dreamy Geek II is the proud successor of the Dreamy Series. Its specifications have been drastically boosted: bringing to this high contrast DLP projector both high quality 3D and H.265/HEVC video playback, Bluetooth 4.0 connection, dual-band WiFi, brighter LEDs within a sleeker design. RETAIL: $1,800.
$999 SALE! (only 1 left!!)
Oyaide R0 Wall Socket
As we do, we've scoured the globe for the very best performing audio components - and here we've settled on our gold star winner for upgraded wall sockets! This tiny tweak can have massive positive impacts in your sound. Properly isolating and grounding your system lets it open up as never before, for what ends up being a relatively inexpensive part of the whole! Come in today and upgrade 'em all!
Sonic Frontiers SFS-80
An amazing tube power amp for an even more amazing price! Super well-built and reliable tube power, and a whole lot of it! Powerful enough to drive almost any speakers in any situation, pair with a preamp or any device with volume control functionality for your tube dream to come true! RETAIL: $3,000.
$1,299 USED
Sony MASTER Series 4K Televisions
We sell the Sony MASTER Series and the Sony MASTER Series only! Why? Because it's the best TV we've ever seen, and for tv's we're quite content in sticking to only the best! They come in a wide variety of models, sizes, and prices, so please reach out to get pricing and details.
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Sony Projectors
We carry the Sony line of projectors, offering high performing models at various price points and feature offers. Check out Sony's site for details, or inquire for help with pricing and deciding the best fit for your needs!
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