DreamVision Dreamy Geek II
The Dreamy Geek II is the proud successor of the Dreamy Series. Its specifications have been drastically boosted: bringing to this high contrast DLP projector both high quality 3D and H.265/HEVC video playback, Bluetooth 4.0 connection, dual-band WiFi, brighter LEDs within a sleeker design.
Graham Slee Reflex-C Moving Coil Phonostage
An extremely well-built and detailed moving-coil phonostage! A product that shall truly over-perform at this great reduction. RETAIL: $1,050.
$449 USED
Sonic Frontiers SFS-80
An amazing tube power amp for an even more amazing price! RETAIL: $3,000.
$1,299 USED
Spendor S-3/5 Loudpeakers
These British speakers are a sealed-cabinet design, and incredibly warm and inviting in the midrange. A gorgeous cabinet and prettier sound for a great price! RETAIL: 1,500.
$699 USED