CAD Ground Control GC1
Power management and effective grounding have become so tantamount in the quest for hi fidelity audio - especially in a city with as noisy a power grid as our own! What can be a mere fraction of the total budget of your system can make a monumental impact. If you have not yet addressed grounding issues with a viable solution - look no further for your next system upgrade!
Compared to purely analogue devices (e.g. turntables), digital audio source components produce more high frequency “noise” (EMI/RFI). This is generated within CPUs, chipsets, switch mode power supplies and regulators and so on. Also the basic USB carrier frequency can be in the 200 MHz to 400MHz frequency range. Digital audio interconnects have a range of issues that are significantly different from analogue audio interconnects. During listening tests we found that when we reduced the amount of this “noise” from reaching the Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC), sound quality dramatically improved in our opinion.
$1,500 for 1M