M2Tech A1 Crosby Amplifier
The A1 ("Crosby"), is a versatile high efficiency class-D stereo power amplifier which matches well with the Young MkIII, both in size and sound. Its clean power is enough for most speakers, while its drive capability can be improved by setting it in bridge mode. In this case, the Crosby becomes a powerful mono-block amplifier; two amps in bridge mode can drive virtually every speaker, be it an array of dynamic drivers or an electrostatic panel. The A1 can be attached to most preamplifiers, not only to the Young MK3. The new A1 is provided with both single-ended and balanced inputs, plus trigger input and pass-through. Thanks to its proprietary class-D design, it is virtually impossible to destroy, all overload situations are reported on the front panel prior to reset.
M2Tech Evo DAC Two
The Evo DAC Two offers all you may need from a Digital-to-Analog converter: wealth of input connections, high sampling rates, high resolution, versatility, remote control, preamplifier capability, compact size… at an affordable price. And don’t forget the sound. Thanks to its Sabre DAC, the Evo DAC Two delivers crystal-clear sound from every source, be it a high resolution file from your computer, a CD read by your CD transport or an MP3 from your smartphone. The remote control allows you to use the Evo DAC Two as a preamplifier, if you use it to drive active speakers or a power amplifier.
M2Tech Van Der Graaf Linear Power Supply
Van der Graaf is a very high performance, very low noise power supply suitable to power all M2Tech products. Thanks to its comprehensive outputs set and the settable output voltage for some outputs, user can power every M2Tech product, from 9V Evo units to 15V products like Young DSD and Joplin ADC, to the high-power Marley. Its very low output noise (comparable to that of a Li-Ion battery), even at rated load, allows for incredibly silent sonic background and finest detail resolution, markedly improving every powered product's performance. Fault-proof robustness is achieved by solid-state, automatically resettable fuses (polyswitch). In order to optimize the powering sequence of the units connected to the Van der Graaf, the user can program the activation sequence of the used outputs.
M2Tech Young MkIII Preamp/DAC
Whether your source is a computer, a smartphone, a DVD player or a turntable, the Young MkIII delivers a crisp and alive analog sound at its outputs, to drive any amplifier at best. RETAIL: $1,700.