Moon River Audio 404 Integrated Amplifier
This lovely integrated amplifier has quite the fun and engaging presence, with a very refined level of quality for this price point! Ours has the built-in phonostage, which we think is killer and an amazing option for someone looking for a sleek all-in-one approach! Can also include a built-in DAC to interface with digital music! RETAIL: $4,000 with built-in phonostage.
$3,599 FLOOR SAMPLE (with built-in phonostage)
Moonriver 404 Reference Integrated Amplfier
Following the runaway success of The Moonriver Model 404 (Standard), we decided to move a step further by improving on the already excellent design platform of the Standard 404 model. The Moonriver Model 404 Reference achieves even better performance over the Standard Model, while retaining a sensible price point.