Eleven Audio XIAUDIO Formula S Headphone Amplifier
A powerful reference-level solid-state headphone amplifier! This was developed to power Abyss headphones, which are, if you ask us, perhaps the best headphones ever made. And thus, if they are good enough for the Abyss's, they are good enough for any high end headphones! With a lot of pep under the hood, they can effectively drive even the most power-hungry cans. Boost their dynamics and lower the sound stage with the outboard power supply upgrade!
Eleven Audio XIAUDIO Sagra DAC
The XIAUDIO SagraDAC coverts up to 384 KHz sampling rates with a dynamic range higher than most systems can reproduce. The sound is effortless, clear, not bright, not boring, just right. Human voices sound human, piano and horn plays with proper timbre and harmonic structure. You're brain has an easier job of it, digital is finally highly enjoyable.