Unison Research SH Hedphone Amp / DAC
A world class all tube EL-84 output tube based headphone amplifier operating in pure Class A output. Combined with that tube headphone amplifier is a stellar 32/384K 2xDSD USB DAC module all the same chassis!
Unison Research Simply Italy Tube Integrated Amp
We’ve taken what we’ve learned from designing our largest amplifiers, and applied to this small yet brilliant gem. The Simply Italy integrated amplifier builds on the legendary strengths of the Unison Research Simply Two, one of the most successful integrated amplifier designs in the world. This new integrated amplifier, thanks to more efficient engineering, provides better sound quality as well as better reliability and tube life....Retail $2695
Unison Research Triode 25 Tube Integrated Amp
This is a nice step up from the Glorious Simply Italy! 45WPC of Beautiful Italian Tubes!
Unison Research Unico 50
Unico 50 is not just another Unico integrated amplifier, but a truly innovative component with an original and handsome design from any point of view. From the design standpoint the Unico 50 is the starting point of a completely new path for Unison Research, with technological advances only possible through all of the experience we’ve gained over several decades of amplifier development. Powerful yet endlessly musical, the 50 is an integrated amplifier of the very highest quality. NEW $5000
Unison Research Unico Secondo Integrated Amp
As a successor of such a prestigious model, the Unico Secondo benefits from the design and production experience gained over the years with the hybrid amplifiers of the Unico series.