Cary Audio CAD120 MK2 Power Amplifier
This innovative stereo power amplifier is rated at 60 watts per channel in triode mode and 120 watts per channel in ultralinear mode into an 8 ohm speaker load. Stereophile Recommended Component RETAIL $5995 Mint DEMO (black) $4495
Cary Audio DAC 100T Tube DAC
Brilliant Dac with State of the Art USB connection.DAC 100T includes a Tube output stage and is $2995 FLOOR SAMPLE $1999
Cary Audio DAC 200TS
State of the Art DAC with Tube Output stage and Volume control for direct to amp configuration! RETAIL $3999
Cary Audio HH-1 headphone amp
World Class Hybrid (tube/solid state) headphone amp built in the USA!! RETAIL $1599 SALE STOCK ONLY (black)$1199
$1199 SALE
Cary SLP 03 Stereo Preamplifier
A very very safe move into the world of tube preamplifiers from one of the best manufacturers of tube gear out there! Retail $2000
$1799 FLOOR SAMPLE (Black Finish)