Recommended Systems

Cambridge Audio AM10 & Micromega Myspeaker
A Great HiFi Starter Kit!! Entry Level Integrated Amp with Phono and perfectly matched Micromega Bookshelf Loudspeaker! RETAIL $949 SALE!! (stock only) $749
$749 SALE
MICROMEGA ease your work with a pack featuring all that is needed for a Hi-Fi system. Hi-Fi without the hassle! RETAIL $999 SALE (white) $899
$899 SALE (all in stock)
Naim/Dynaudio/Rega Turntable Stereo System
Here is a fantastic little analog only system featuring a classic Rega turntable and cartridge combination with Naim's Nait 5i Integrated amp and excellent Stageline phono stage. Also Dynaudio's wonderful Excite X16 bookshelf loudspeakers.. Oh, don't worry: you can add a CD player if you want to! RETAIL $4932 SYSTEM PRICE $4699