Flat Screens and Projectors

Da-Lite Film Screens
Excellent, high-value screens that come in a wide variety of sizes and configurations! Our go-to projection screen brand - make sure you don't miss any detail, these screens can capture it all!
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DreamVision Dreamy Geek II
The Dreamy Geek II is the proud successor of the Dreamy Series. Its specifications have been drastically boosted: bringing to this high contrast DLP projector both high quality 3D and H.265/HEVC video playback, Bluetooth 4.0 connection, dual-band WiFi, brighter LEDs within a sleeker design. RETAIL: $1,800.
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Stewart Filmscreens
You'll find these in most screening rooms in Hollywood. Hollywood is a town near Los Angeles in California. They make movies there. Typically, a movie is not released without a pre-screening on a Stewart Filmscreen. The best. Period.
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