Antelope Audio Zodiac +Voltikus Gold 384 kHz DAC/Preamp
This is a REFERENCE DAC with outboard power supply that also includes a remote controlled digital switcher, analog pre-amp and headphone stage. JUST ADD AMP!! RETAIL $4500 mint black floor sample $3800
Antelope Audio Zodiac 192 kHz Dac
This is a High-End Professional Audio Company who is now makeing some really Brilliant Home Audio DACS..Some very advanced Features and Wonderful sound!! RETAIL $1895 DEMO $1599
Arcam BDP-300 BluRay/CD Player
he BDP300 embraces movie and music playback, offering outstanding performance in both disciplines. Unlike most BluRay machines music from CDs is delivered with outstanding quality while movie performance with either 2D or 3D films is to the very highest standards currently available. Using Arcamís unique and hard won engineering expertise the BDP300 delivers a truly emotional portrayal of your favourite discs, delivering blockbuster experiences straight to your arm chair. NEW $999 DEMO (black) $799
Arcam rCube
rCube is a listening revolution, delivering high-fidelity sound from a portable iPod speaker system. RETAIL $449 SALE $349
$349 SALE (In Stock Units Only)
Astell&Kern AK100 Portable High Res Player
The Astell&Kern AK100 is the ultimate portable audio player. Capable of up to 24 Bit / 192 kHz and DSD playback of high resolution audio files, this small player has raised the bar for what is possible with portable hi-fi! Absolute Sound 2013 Portable Audio Product of the Year!! RETAIL $699 SALE $599 (IN STOCK ONLY)
$599 SALE (limited stock)
Audio Physic Step 25
"All this adds up to make the Step 25 something special. Easily one of the most transparent small speakers Iíve hosted recently, its image and soundstage reproduction are so specific, timbres and tonal colors and micro-dynamics so alive and focused, that when I compare the sonic picture that the Step 25 casts against most other speakers itís as if Iíd just had a pair of cataracts removed." Neil Gader THE ABSOLUTE SOUND Retail $3299
$2699 FLOOR SAMPLE PR. (Walnut)
Audioaero Prima Tube CD Player & Integrated Amp
Brilliant electronics with rave reviews! 24/192 Tube CD player & Hybrid Integrated... NEW $5499
$3399 USED
BAT VK-P5 Phono Preamplifier w/Six-Pak Plus
Built like a tank...but delicate as a feather! Retail $3995 w/six-pak USED on Sale $2499 w/six-pak (New Tubes!)
2499 USED
Bel Canto C5i Integrated Amp/DAC
Compact, powerful, and a U.S.made alternative to the Peachtree NOVA! The C5i DAC Integrated Amplifier powers it all, digital analog, USB and Phono MM in one compact, powerful component. The C5i converts any source into music while giving you an amazingly compact, cool-running, high output, low-power-usage analog and digital media center. The most complete integrated amplifier, Low jitter, low noise and power isolation delivers the startling dynamics in your music. RETAIL $1995
Bel Canto DAC1.5
The DAC1.5 converts your digital media into music while giving you full control of your system. It provides the most direct connection from your music to your amplifier. Low jitter, low noise and power isolation delivers the startling dynamics in your music. RETAIL $1499
$1199 SALE FLOOR SAMPLE (black)
Beyerdynamic T90
The T 90 is the first high-end headphones with a completely open design utilizing our revolutionary Tesla technology. Only headphones of this kind can bring across the feeling of closeness and transparency - nothing stands between sound enthusiasts and their music RETAIL $679 SALE $549
$549 SALE (limited stock)
Burson Conductor
An uncompromising 3 in 1. When we introduced the HA-160D in 2010, it was met with initial skepticism. Many questioned our approach of combining three main functions; DAC, Preamp and Headphone amp into a small and elegant enclosure. Many were certain that something had to give and one if not all of those functions must be secondary and hence compromised. Retail $1850
$1399 FLOOR SAMPLE (lucite top cover!)
Burson Conductor SL 9018 Headphone Amp/DAC
One Small step down from our Reference..the uncompromising Burson Conductor!! RETAIL $1475
$1275 SALE
Cambridge Audio Azur 351A Integreated Amp/USB DAC
Beautiful slimline Integrated with 45 WPC & built in USB DAC!! Our new favorite entry level Integrated! RETAIL $549
$399 SALE
Cambridge Audio Azur 651A Integrated Amp/USB DAC
More Power than the 351A..A Fantastic Budget Integrated Amp with built in USB DAC!! RETAIL $799 SALE $599 B-Stock
$599 SALE (B-stock)
Cambridge Audio Azur 751BD
If sound is as important to you as experiencing the ultimate in image definition, the all new 751BD is the 3D Blu-ray universal player you've been waiting for... RETAIL $1149
Carry Audio DAC 100T Tube DAC
Brilliant Dac with State of the Art USB connection.DAC 100T includes a Tube output stage and is $2995 DEMO (black) $2499
Cary Audio HH-1 headphone amp
World Class Hybrid (tube/solid state) headphone amp built in the USA!! RETAIL $1599
$1399 SALE
Cary CD 303T Pro SACD Player
Brillint switchable Tube CD/SACD Player with digital inputs (AES/EBU, Coaxial, Toslink operating at Sample Frequency (Fs) from 44.1 kHz 16 bit to 192 kHz 24 bit , USB 24/192. This is as Future proof as it gets..Retail $6500
$5199 Floor Sample (Black Finish)
Cary Cinema 11A
A killer home theater pre/pro that will walk all over most two-channel setups out there... RETAIL $4K
$2999 FLOOR SAMPLE (Black Finish)
Chord Chordette Qute EX DAC
The new Chordette Qute EX DAC is an upgraded version of the multi-award-winning QuteHD DAC! RETAIL $1795
$1595 (In stock units)
Clearaudio Innovation Compact Wood
The Innovation Compact Wood is based on the technology of the Innovation Wood (a TAS Golden Ear winner), but uses a single plinth without the stainless steel sub-platter!
DALI Ikon 1 MK2
Built for a bookshelf or stand mounting in a small to medium sized room, IKON 1 MK2 is equally suited for compact stereo set-ups or as front/rear speakers in a complete surround sound set up in your home cinema. RETAIL $1099 SALE (stock only)$899
899 SALE
DALI Ikon6 MK 2
Utilizing a dual 6.5Ē bass/mid driver configuration, the IKON 6 MK2 is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the acoustic and sonic possibilities of your medium or smaller sized room. RETAIL $2100 SALE (stock only)
$1799 SALE
DALI Mentor 1
DALI loves to work with wood! Even their amazing mid-range and bass drivers are made with wood. The Mentor series combines sonic refinements with a gorgeous real wood cabinet. The Mentor 1 is a seriously good looking and refined loudspeaker. Did I say refined? I meant to say REFINED!! RETAIL $1999 FLOOR SAMPLE (cherry) $1599
Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signature
The most refined and best sounding Confidence C1 ever Confidence C1 II The Confidence C1 delivers a level of musical performance and sonic refinement that is unequalled by any other loudspeaker in its class. The distinctive slim cabinet incorporates the advanced Esotar≤ tweeter, a mid/bass driver with aluminium voice coil on a Kapton former, plus the highest quality 1st order cross-over.
Dynaudio Confidence C2 Signature
The most refined and best sounding Confidence C2 ever! Retail $16,000
Dynaudio Excite X12
Musical purity and the highest resolution: The Dynaudio Excite X12 provides high-end sound from an ultra compact enclosure.RETAIL $1200
999 SALE
Dynaudio Excite X36
The Dynaudio Excite X36 delivers large scale musical pleasure. Powerful dynamics and exacting depth create an impressive soundstage. Musical instruments, vocals and audio effects are reproduced with absolute life-like authenticity. RETAIL $3600 1 pair DEMO (cherry) or 1 pair New In Box (rose) $3199
3199 FLOOR SAMPLE (Cherry)
Dynaudio Focus 340
The New Focus Series is Fantastic! If you are a fan of Rhythm based music? Dynaudio is the BEST!! RETAIL $7499
$5999 FLOOR SAMPLE (walnut)
Dynaudio XEO3 Loudspeaker/DAC/Amplifier
Digital Amplified Wireless Loudspeaker RETAIL $1999 FLOOR SAMPLE (black) $1199
Focal Bird Complete System
Same as Little Bird but with larger fuller sounding Bird speakers. RETAIL $1199
$699 SALE! (Limited Stock)
Focal Little Bird Complete System
This is a Great complete system with analog & digital inputs for a small room for less than $1K!! RETAIL $999
$599 SALE (Limited Stock)
HiFiMAN HE-400
What makes HE-400 special is: 1) it is 92.5DB efficient so it can be driven by virtually anything including an iPod. 2) It has the familiar HiFiMAN sonic signature which means it is very detailed yet warm. RETAIL $399 DEMO $279
HiFiMAN HE-6 Planar Magnetic Reference Headphones
One of our all time favorites.. Must be matched with hi -output Headphone stage.. Burson Soloist, Burson Conductor, Cary HH-1 , etc. RETAIL $1300 FLOOR SAMPLE $999
HiFiMAN HE500 Planar Magnetic
Brilliant Headphones! They do Require a Headphone Amplifier to preform there best.. We have 1 Floor Sample of each..Your choice RETAIL $699
Isoclean 105F II Power Bar
4 position space saving version with 15 Amp Audio Grade Noise Filter Internally built-in with Amp Audio Grade RF, noise filter to attenuate noise, RF associated with city mains. RETAIL $1300
$1099 Floor Sample
Isoclean 60A3 II
For the perfectionists, this unit fitted with the ultra low impedance Audio Grade dual 60 +60 AMP RF, noise filters to attenuate noises, RF associated with city mains. Retail $3100 Floor
$2649 Floor Sample
Kef Reference 205/2 Loudspeakers
British-built beauty that rivals its far more expensive British friends in performance and fit and finish. "The KEF Reference 205/2 is a remarkable and drop-dead-gorgeous loudspeaker. The product of a long tradition of innovative technology development, it offers excellent transparency and is outstanding at conveying detail." - RETAIL $14999 DEMO (black) $9999
$9999 FLOOR SAMPLE (Matte Black Finish))
Marantz NA-11S1 Reference Network Audio Player and DAC
Open up a new world of exciting audio content with the NA-11S1 reference-class Network Audio Player and DAC, which includes a host of internet streaming and device connectivity options. RETAIL $3499
MICROMEGA Airstream Wireless iTunes DAC
THIS IS A HIGH END APPLE AIRPLAY!! Itís a changing world and itís always been Micromegaís aim to be at the forefront of technology. Bearing this in mind we decided to provide a musical response to those audiophiles keen on keeping up to date with the latest advances in technology by enabling them to listen to musical files on their computers and still enjoy the same sound quality as on traditional supports. Hence the development of the WHiFI system and the AirSteam concept. RETAIL $1495
$995 FLOOR SAMPLE (Silver)
MICROMEGA IA100 Integrated Amplifier
IA-100 is the second of a line of three integrated amplifiers. It shares with IA-60 and IA-180, the two other units of this range, some functionalities which fall under a search for coherence of the products making their ergonomics intuitive and supporting the change from one model to another without the necessity to relearn how the new one functions come. (Ultra slim design) RETAIL $1799
$1499 SALE (in stock only)
MICROMEGA IA180 Integrated Amplifier
IA-180 is the last of a line of three integrated amplifiers. It shares with IA-60 and IA-100, the two other units of this range, some functionalities which fall under a search for coherence of the products making their ergonomics intuitive and supporting the change from one model to another without the necessity to relearn how the new one functions come. (Ultra slim design) Retail $2495
$1999 SALE (in stock only)
Naim CD555
There is no other way to put it: the CD555 is simply the best CD player we have ever heard AT ANY PRICE! An AVSF Recommended Component. Retail $30,000 Stereophile Recommended Components...Stereophile 2007 Digital Source of the Year Runner-Up
$13,000.00 USED!
Naim NAC 252 Preamplifier
Second only to their outrageous NAC 552...incredible sounding. RETAIL $10,995
Naim USED CDS3 w/ Demo CD555 Power Supply
New $17,000.00 USED $9999
Nu Force HA-200 Class A Headphone Amp
Class A single ended affordable headphone amp! RETAIL $349
$299 SALE
NuForce Ref 18V3 SE
The NuForce Reference 18 Mono Amplifier Music lovers have long esteemed NuForce's award-winning amps for the clarity they bring to the source. Those qualities that set NuForce amps apart -- superior resolution, transparency, dynamic finesse, harmonic integrity, and the projection of a precise, well detailed soundstage -- have advanced incrementally to our proudest accomplishment, the Ref 18. RETAIL $7599 PAIR FLOOR SAMPLE (SILVER) $5999 PAIR
Parrot WiFi/Bluetooth Wireless Speakers
Inventive and surprising, Philippe Starck has created speakers reflecting his genius and personality exclusively for Parrot. Their stunning, ultra-modern sculpted shape incorporates advanced technology that delivers an intense and powerful sound with spectacular clarity. RETAIL $1599 BLACK FLOOR SAMPLE
Polk Audio LC 265ip In-wall
Self-Amplified, Totally Remote, IP-Addressible High Performance In-Wall Speaker. RETAIL $1399
$849 FLOOR SAMPLE (ea.)
PrimaLuna Prologue Dialogue Six Monoblocks
70 watts ultralinear, 40 watts triode with enough juice to drive most any speaker with ease and grace, and that famous EL-34 warmth people crave. The DiaLogue Six monoblocks begin with the same basic topology as the top-rated DiaLogue One integrated. RETAIL $4699
$3999 FLOOR SAMPLE (black finish)
PSB Image B4 Bookshelf
A sub-compact, two-way system comprised of a four-inch woofer and a one-inch titanium tweeter, intended for home theatre or multi-channel applications, ideal for todayís modern urban dwellings. RETAIL $330 SALE $299 IN STOCK ONLY
$299 SALE
Raidho acoustics S-2.0
Handling and feeling of weight, materials and finish only adds more joy to the impression of the new S2 loudspeaker - You feel it, in your eyes, ears, fingers and body, Raidho is in fact state-of-the-art. Retail $13,000 DEMO (black) $9999
Raidho D1 Monitor Loudspeakers
Raidho D-1 is the first ever built loudspeaker with Raidho Cutting Edge Diamond Technology.Our Reference Monitor Loudspeaker. Retail $26,100 FLOOR SAMPLE $18K (Gloss Black with Gloss Black Stands)
$18,000 FLOOR SAMPLE w/ Stands
Raidho X-1 with stands
A beautiful and amazing sounding little monitor by Raidho acoustics! ...come in and see. RETAIL $6999
Richard Gray's Pole Pig
Essentially a smaller, more affordable (and rather attractive with its cute light-up piggy logo) version of the RGPC Substation. Use in conjunction with one of their RGPC "parallel inductors" (aka, the 400, 600 or 1200) and you have a mini isolated circuit without the electrician visiting your home. RETAIL $1600
Rockport Technologies Mira Grand 2
This speaker represents a zenith in its price class! We've never heard another transducer of such quality present itself at such a fantastic price! Just give it a listen and you'll hear what we do: immense dynamic range with a wholeness and delicate ease you might expect from much, much more expensive speakers. AVSF TOP 10 COMPONENTS MINT FERRARI SILVER DEMO 50% OFF!, RETAIL $36,500 a once in a lifetime opportunity
Runco VX-2000d with Cinewide
Over the years Runco has continually redefined the home cinema experience. Their optional Cinewide feature truly is a major leap forward in making your home cinema experience second to none. Just think...no more black bars!! RETAIL $22K
Shunyata Research Hydra~a Series
The Hydra Series' Model-4 and Model-6 incorporate the profound advances in measurement science and noise isolation that earned Shunyata Research's Hydra Triton and Hydra Talos awards and endorsements from media outlets and recording studios the world over!. RETAIL $1750 for Hydra 4 z-tron Floorsample $1199 and $1999 for Hydra 6 z-tron Floorsample $1399
$1199 & $1399 FLOOR SAMPLES
Shunyata Research Black Mamba CX Series
We have limited supply of this Great power cable.. RETAIL $750 FLOOR SAMPLES $599 ALSO..Viper CX 20A Power Cord 1.8Meter Retail $700 FLOOR SAMPLE $499
Shunyata Research Helix Speaker & Interconect Cables
see detailed description
Simaudio Moon 380D Reference DAC w/ MiND Streamer
An ultra-high performance 32-bit DAC/Streamer with versatile functionality ! RETAIL $5700 Fully Loaded (Mind Streamer/Volume Control)
$3999 Floor Sample (Black Finish)
Simaudio MOON 400M Differential Mono Power Amplifier
The MOON 400M is a compact yet high-powered differential monaural amplifier. Based on our highly acclaimed Advanced Renaissance zero global feedback circuit, this DC coupled amplifier produces 400 watts RMS into 8Ω and 650 watts RMS into 4Ω! NEW $6900 Pr.
Spiral Groove SG2 Turntable
As a medium for capturing music, vinyl remains unsurpassed. To convey its rich and nuanced potential, a turntable must, at the very least, achieve a high degree of control over the speed of its platter and the transfer of energy among its components. Noise is the nemesis, an uncompromised signal emerging from a silent background the goal. RETAIL $21K FLOOR SAMPLE w/SG tonearm $17K
THIEL PowerPlane 1.2
Another exceptionally good product from the folks at THIEL. Like all in-walls, it is very discreet when installed properly. Unlike many in-walls, it sounds INCREDIBLE! RETAIL $1090 2 AVAILABLE FLOOR SAMPLE $699 each
Triangle 30th Anniversary Comete
An irresistible limited edition! with beautiful piano black cabinet and Magellan tweeter!!! RETAIL $1699
$1499 SALE (in stock only)
Triangle Color Bookshelf
This speaker is fitted with the latest loudspeakers developed by TRIANGLE, and you will be surprised by their pioneering design and vitality. The sound produced by the titanium tweeter is of such subtlety that it gives a whole new meaning to the word sound ďdetailĒ. The COLOR bookshelf speaker easily sets the tempo for all musical genres. RETAIL $799 SALE (IN STOCK ONLY)
$699 SALE
Triangle Magellan Cello / Scratch and Ding
When listening to this loudspeaker, the magic of music unfurls before you. triangle has succeeded in adapting the performances and the immaculate control of the magellan Grand Concert to this reasonably sized loudspeaker. Retail $11,999
Wadia Intuition 01 Power Dac
190 wpc Integrated Amp with digital Pre/Dac that will do 384 kHz/32 bit via USB! We believe this and the Devialet our the future of HiFi! RETAIL $7499
Wadia S7I CD Player with Full DAC
Top of the line Wadia CD Player with Full DAC and volume control!! One of our References for Digital Audio!! Retail $13950
$8999 FLOOR SAMPLE (Silver finish)
Wilson Benesch Curve Dark Burl
A floor standing design of impeccable credentials. Within its tiny foot print, is a volume of air that enables the Tactic drive units to respond like only floorstanders can, but unlike conventional floorstanding designs, there is a complete absence of cabinet noise. The fine lines are punctuated by precision Wilson Benesch engineered functional accents that convey a sense of determined, obstinate, solidity when it comes to unwanted resonances. NEW $12,950
$6499 USED