AVSF TOP PRODUCTS OF 2023!! As most of you know we love and have spent extensive time with Everything we sell but we wanted to have a little fun and mention somethings you may not be aware of. Not all of these products are new to 2023 but all were new to us in 2023.  not in any particular order

  1. Chord MOJO 2 DAC 
  2. Quad Revela 1 Loudspeaker 
  3. Meze Pro 109 Headphones
  4. Audeze LCD-MX4 Headphones 
  5. Woo WA23 LUNA Headphone 2A3 amp
  6. Hifiman EF600 Headphone Amplifier
  7. Harbeth C7ES-3 XD Loudspeaker
  8. YG Acoustic - TOR Bookshelf Loudspeaker
  9. Rega 50th Anniversay P3 Turntable 
  10. Weiss 204 DAC
  11. CH Precision C1.2 DAC
  12. Moon North Series
  13. Martin Oscar Duo
  14. Gryphon EOS 2 Loudspeaker
  15. Innuos Reference Streamer
  16. Technics 1500C
  17. Bluesound PowerEdge
  18. Lyngdorf 1120
  19. GoldNote phono stage ph-5
  20. Elac Vela 
  21. REL Subwoofer